Producer brothers giving underground artistes a chance

February 28, 2023
Gregory Anderson (left) and Damaile Powell, principals and producers at In Di Streets Records.
Gregory Anderson (left) and Damaile Powell, principals and producers at In Di Streets Records.

Brothers and music producers Damaile Powell and Gregory Anderson say their label, In Di Streets Records, was inspired by the talent that exists in downtown Kingston.

While many saw vendors on pushcarts deejaying to invite customers to make a purchase, the brothers, who have always had a love for music, saw skilful deejays who needed a way to record and promote their work. According to Anderson, the older brother, In Di Street Records is providing just that.

"I am from Spanish Town. I sell downtown between Princess Street and Beckford Street. I sell ladies' clothes, man clothes, children's clothes. That's where I am almost every day. I have some guys around me from age 17 years old. 'Bout four of them, King Imxge, 1Neval, Nickeeko and Vion. They always talk on, and control, the monitor box, and we have them bawling out '$100 clothes'. One even went viral on TikTok from deejaying on the barrel, and that's where I got the inspiration to go into music and begin producing," he shared.

The label has existed for almost two years after Powell reconnected with a producer, who he knew from he was a young boy going to the studio to record his own music.

"I remember going into the studio to stand on a crate to voice my first song. That was about age eight, and then I went on to do it up to the high-school level, performing at concerts. I have always been passionate about music. We linked up back with an old producer from New Life Studio, which is where I went to record as a child, and we have been learning and growing under his tutelage," Powell explained

Powell is currently pursuing his masters degree in economics, but though they both have long days, they find the time to put in the work musically, with hopes of one day being regarded among the greatest production houses in Jamaica.

"We are currently in the first stages of developing this label. We are working on these artistes and managing these artistes, and ensuring that we get the exposure that we really desire for these artistes. We want to not only create an environment where artistes can come and get voiced, but to become a one-stop entertainment hub in Jamaica. We want to branch off into doing videos, bookings, marketing, legal advice for artistes, and become the premier place of entertainment production in Jamaica," Powell said.

As for Anderson, he said his daughter is already interested in the business.

"She always comes around asking what she can do to help. I always tell her to take up her book first and then when she gets a little older, she can get into this. I know I am on the right track with this, and the grandchildren will be able to say we did something great," he said.

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