Ghost feels ‘underrated’ - Singer to drop new album with all original material

February 16, 2023

The soulful singer Ghost has thrilled fans with his music for over 30 years, and is beloved for his renditions of some of the most classic love songs. However, the artiste told THE STAR that he feels "underrated" and this is the inspiration behind the title of his upcoming, 14-track album, which is to be released this year.

"You haffi understand enuh, the whole nine yard of underrated enuh. I felt that way when it comes on to music that me or my music not good enough or the business underrate me or society underrate me. Maybe because I do over people song or my voice fine and sound like girl. I don't know why they underrate me. Like you would not see Ghost on some of the major concerts or hear him on most of the radio stations because they think I just sing over people song. But what they don't know is that most of my songs are original, but people always just a play the cover songs," he shared candidly.

Over the years, he has had hits with covers such as Bodyguard, If Walls Could Talk, and Believe, all originally performed by foreign acts. But wrapped up in all that were some original tracks such as Love You.

"This album that is coming out is all original so me go see how dem go get round it," he said.

He said that the project is complete and he has already started to release tracks, including Beautiful Feeling on the 'Haffi Move' rhythm. He said he will also be releasing a collaboration with dancehall artiste Shane-O in the upcoming weeks.

Ghost, whose given name is Carlton Hylton, said that he still has plenty of music in his heart to sing, and hoped that the legacy he leaves behind will be appreciated.

"People come up to me already and say 'Thank you for the song Love You' or some whole heap a other song wah me sing 'cause it make them relationship better. A man call me already and say him and him girl vex and him call her and play the song and him girl come back. So that's what I want to leave behind. You know like how Bob [Marley] gone and his songs still a resonate with people? That is it," he said.

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