Blvk H3ro still high after Grammy week

February 10, 2023
Blvk H3ro (right) with reggae superstar Shaggy on the Grammy Awards red carpet.
Blvk H3ro (right) with reggae superstar Shaggy on the Grammy Awards red carpet.
Koffee (left) and Blvk H3ro hanging out.
Koffee (left) and Blvk H3ro hanging out.
Blvk H3ro
Blvk H3ro

The 65th staging of the Grammy Awards was not only a big moment for Reggae Grammy winner Kabaka Pyramid, but also Blvk H3ro, who hit the show's red carpet for the first time.

He was nominated in the Best Global Music Performance category for the song Neva Bow Down featuring Ghanaian musician and activist Rocky Dawuni. Despite not winning, he said that the entire experience underscored that he was definitely on the right path.

"The whole Grammy and Recording Academy is not only just about sales and impact, and I mean that is there too, but it really is about the quality of the art and it [being there] made me feel like I was not wrong. Sometimes as a musician, you waver a little bit in your work. But this is proof that it is quality art and these are musicians that have made the greatest music we have ever heard, and to be a part of that and to be loved while I was there and to be seen and people knowing my name before I have even met them, is just a vibe," he shared.

He admitted that when the nomination was announced months ago, it didn't really sink.

"But the minute I landed in LA [Los Angeles] that Grammy week and you start to put the outfits together and start to meet all the people, the movers and shakers, you start to realise the world is much smaller. All the people you used to see on TV are just a few steps away and you can say 'Hi' and it is just such a cool space. I left Grammys not feeling alone any more," he continued.

Born Hervin Bailey Jr, the singer, who hails from Portmore, St Catherine, confidently hit the red carpet styled by Aaron Gomez, in a newspaper patterned black and white suit from the brand called Cross for God. H also had moments with Shaggy and Koffee. He also hung out with English singer and songwriter Paul McCartney. Having tasted the Grammy Awards, Blvk H3ro said he is motivated to go harder.

"That's why I have not even dropped anything yet cause I want to make sure that the next moves I make connects to people, it is fun, it's vibesy, but then it has depth. I am just trying to make the best quality art I can make," he said. As for his colleague Kabaka Pyramid, he said he was overjoyed to have witnessed it.

"Massive respects and congratulations to Kabaka Pyramid. When I saw him win and walk up, it was not unexpected. I told my whole team that that album was truly the embodiment of what reggae truly stands for right now. I am just happy. I was happy that there was so much representation from Jamaica there it felt so good," he said.

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