Shauna Controlla opens up about abuse - Explains hiatus from music

January 24, 2022
Shauna Controlla
Shauna Controlla

Shauna Controlla is taking control of her own narrative this year, and she's starting by opening up about childhood abuse.

The entertainer said she was abused as a child by a family member and was even placed in a children's home for a period of time.

"I ran away and left [home] and ended up staying at some family members' house," she told THE STAR.

She also recounts living with a woman who she later found out was a stripper and who gave her the ultimatum to either take on the job or be thrown out. Running away once more, she ended up on the streets until she landed a job at a bar and earned money to rent a home.

"I never really talk about that ever," she said. "I try my best to put that under my feet and hold my head high and move forward in life ... I'm finally about to share a lot of things about my life that I've been through this year because dem seh this, too, shall pass and maybe the fact that I don't have anyone to talk to about it for years, has led me into misdirecting myself into a lot of stuff, like looking for comfort in the wrong places. I feel like my experience will also show a lot of younger people, maybe not in the similar situation but you never know, that you can take a page out of that and apply it and say 'mi woulda never waan go through that'."

She added that people who have experienced abuse should not indulge in self-blame, but know that "things happen in your life to change you and make you stronger".

The Control Button performer has been detached from the music scene for more than a year to focus on her businesses like her skincare brand, Goddess Tone. Her reasons for taking a break are layered, including what she said has been a preoccupation with her private parts, instead of her music.

"I needed a break to find myself because the business is confused and everybody a try be the trending person ...," she said. "When God says 'when', I will go back again because mi cya get tired and mi cya get old. Mi voice still young and sound likkle and nice. I am 32 years old in the next two weeks and mi nah ask Christ if mi look like it."


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