I will continue to speak the truth - Foota Hype creates new Instagram page after personal one barred from going live

May 18, 2020
Foota Hype
Foota Hype

Popular selector Foota Hype made his anticipated return to social media last month after being released from an Immigration and Customs Enforcement holding facility in the US. But just as he was enjoying huge ratings and growing numbers from his weekly Gallis Wednesdays live stream event, the entertainer was barred from going live on the popular social media platform.

In an interview with THE STAR, Foota Hype said he was notified of the platform's actions when he received an email that one of his posts had violated community guidelines.

The post, he said, was an excerpt from one of Adolf Hitler's speeches, where he referred to Hebrews as 'God's jewels'.

"I know why I was blocked. I posted a picture of Hitler's last speech before he went missing where one of his soldiers was asking, 'Why are whites fighting whites?' and his (Hitler's) response was, 'Whites are fighting whites for control of God's jewels'. The soldier asked him who are God's jewels, and he answered and said the Hebrews, who I am assuming are black people," he said.

Violated community guidelines

"They removed the post and sent me a picture saying I violated community guidelines, and I don't know what in it was against their guidelines because there was no killing in it, no hate crime. But obviously, it's because it's promoting the black truth, and they don't want that."

The selector says as a messenger of the truth, he is not particularly perturbed by Instagram's decision.

"I am not troubled by it because I know the position I have to enlighten black people, and I know in so doing, I'm going to meet upon a lot of restrictions, whether it be travelling or on social media. I am enlightening my race, and I know they're going to come at me, but I'm going to continue speaking my truth," he said.

He has already created another page to facilitate his live sessions. His daily discussions, as well as his weekly online event, will be hosted from that new page, and the personality says he is looking forward to growing that page to be as strong as his main one.

"The new page is GallisWednesdayz, and that's where I will be hosting all my live sessions from now on. I did damage control and got the message out there, and I know I have loyal fans who will follow me anywhere that I go. I was going to separate my event from my personal page anyway, so this just pushed the process along," he said.

Already, there is a fake page also bearing the name GallisWednesdayz, save for an 's' at the end. Hype is warning users against following fake accounts. He also said that COVID-19 assistance would continue on his personal page.

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