‘Hard Times’ motivate new single

February 19, 2020
Dr Love
Dr Love

Social media blogger-turned- recording artiste Dr Love has teamed up with reggae artiste Ginjah for his latest single, Hard Times.

Released earlier this month, the entertainer said this may just be his most inspirational track yet and hopes that its message will motivate others.

"It's really speaking on the life of a hard-working poor man who is putting in the work but gets a meagre salary and can only live on hand to mouth. It is to encourage the listeners that one day their hard work will pay off and who Jah Bless, no man curse," Dr Love said.

Hard Times features production works from MCCS music label, and, according to Dr Love, a personal experience helped him in penning his part of the song.

"About 10 years ago, I hit rock bottom and I couldn't even afford to buy gas for my vehicle. I even went and broke my son's piggy bank to show you how bad it was. At that time, I was inspired to write the lyrics to the song but I never record it," he said. "I linked Ginjah about the collaboration and he told me he would do it but I honestly didn't believe because it wasn't like I knew him or anything but he did. I always listened to his music but the day I link him about the collab was the first time we were exchanging words."

Dr Love said that with all that is happening in Jamaica and the world, the people need to hear some uplifting music.

"So myself and Ginjah spent a lot of time in making the lyrics of this song as perfect and inspirational as possible and we really hope it will break musical barriers and become one of those timeless songs," he said.

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