Serani’s ‘No Games’ sampled by Eminem - Entertainer receives ‘favourable’ payout from ‘Slim Shady’

January 24, 2020

Dancehall artiste Serani is reaping the benefits of yet another massive international deal after being sampled by superstar rapper, Eminem.

Last Friday when Eminem released his album Music to Be Murdered By, the rapper incorporated parts of Serani's 2008 hit song No Games on his track, Farewell.

In an interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, Serani described Eminem as one of the best lyricists music has ever produced, so being sampled by such a master of his craft was an honour.

"As a producer, I always thought he was smart with the beats he jumped on and always had catchy hooks. So when he went with my biggest song, it makes me proud to know he and his camp respect my music enough to incorporate it within his magical artistry," he said.

Serani expressed that this recent deal should highlight that despite him not being in the Jamaican spotlight, he's still putting in the work.

new music coming

"Over the last few years people may think I have been quiet but I have been working on my craft, and I think 2020 we will see the fruition of my time and efforts in studio and me and my manager's dedication to success," he said, revealing that in a matter of weeks he'll be releasing new music via Universal Records.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that for granting permission to use his song, Serani received a favourable payout from Slim Shady's team.

His manager Julian Jones Griffith declined to give a figure but confirmed that the deejay was duly compensated.

"A third-party clearance agency contacted me about the Eminem sample a couple of months ago. We listened to the use of the sample and the full song over the phone and then we came to a very favourable decision in regard to the publishing splits on Eminem's new track," he said. "Serani and I co-own the No Games master with our partner Phase One Network, and in a case where someone samples your work, they have to clear (come to a deal) both on the master side and publishing side. We were very happy with the deals we got on both sides."


He also revealed that offers to use No Games come across his desk annually, but he explained that as a 'true Jamaican classic' he and his team have had to decline some offers.

"We wanted to keep the prestige and value of the record. But it doesn't get bigger than Eminem so from the business side, it felt right and so it was a no-brainer," he said.

Serani has declared 2020 his year, and it may very well be. The entertainer is currently on Grammy watch after he collaborated with African singer Burna Boy and American singer Jeremih on the song, Secret.

The track is featured on Burna Boy's Atlantic Records album, African Giant, which was nominated for Best World Music Album.

Serani is also gearing up to release new music via Universal Records and will be looking to drop the video for Secret soon.

He will also be performing in New York this weekend and then Miami over the Super Bowl weekend.

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