MP promises to fix drain where child was washed away

October 27, 2019

Member of Parliament for East St Andrew Fayval Williams, is promising that work will begin this week to address the drain in which young Goldsmith Villa resident Kyle Richards was washed away last month.
Kyle was on his way home on Wednesday September 25 when he was swept away by flood waters. His body was found in Harbour View four days later.

Kyle was buried on Sunday, and Williams, speaking on TVJ after the service, said that “the work continues across the constituency to act promptly to clear and clean the gullies”.
“I know ... in the coming week we will begin to see some work at the site where Kyle was washed away. It is an open drain that can be covered, at least with a grate. And we have to ensure that we clean it regularly if debris backs up there so that it doesn’t overflow,” she said. “It is not something that is beyond us to do, we just have to be vigilant with it.”
After Kyle was swept away, residents from August Town pitched in to help the August Town police and the Jamaica Defence Force to launch a massive search for the Hope Valley Experimental student.